World Retrospective Day 2020

Online - best for PST UTC-8

a 24-hour series of events in agile communities around the world and on-line

Interested in meeting other retrospective facilitators, learning and sharing experiences and concerns with agile retrospectives?

No need to travel!

Best suited for folks around the UTC-8 timezone.

What to expect?

  • 6pm >> start personal introductions/networking and a 10 minute presentation on Agile Retrospectives (watch it offline)
  • 6.30pm >> start activities (see agenda for details)
  • 8pm >> wrapping up activities + more networking

Activities agenda

Agenda (~1 hour 30 minutes)

  • 18.30 OARRs (Outcomes, Agenda, Roles, Rules)
  • 18.35 Brief Intros (if needed)
  • 18.45 Start adding topics (an anecdote on retro facilitation that you'd like to share or get feedback on)
  • 18.50 Affinity mapping
  • 18.55 Polling to prioritize topics to discuss
  • 19.00 Start discussing topic 1
  • 19.10 Roman vote on continue / move on
  • Iterate
  • 19.45 Closing out (next steps and ROTI)

What to bring?

  • curiosity :)
  • one remote all remote (if there are 5 of you in one room, try to have a laptop each so you can all contribute equally)
  • we will use Zoom for video conferencing. To reduce background noise try to use a headset.